About Us:

Peter Wright, Technician and founder of WrightClickIt LTD

Since identifying my interest in technology at the age of 8, I have excelled at upgrading and repairing a range of devices over the years. This passion for fixing things encouraged me to start my own company, where I have continued to provide a fast, reliable service for my customers

Tablets, Phones

At the moment we are not doing any phone screen repairs, sorry about that. Reason: there are numerous phone repair companies in the area that need the work, we are spending our time fixing and or getting school kids online ready for home schooling. Hope you understand.

We can fix it, unless we can’t get the bits coz they are obsolete…

Fully service all your computer, gaming, printing and anything else needs, all costs given in advance. If the stuff is not available or obsolete we will advice accordingly.

Web Design

Do you want to get a website up and running? ready within days, all done, no worries. get in touch

Gaming Machines

WAY WAY better than consoles, and yes, we build to your spec, 3 year RTB warrranty included


Software services, including malware removal, remote (where we log in from here and do the job remotely) installations of drivers, printers, packages everything you need, visit the tickets section here https://radcliffe-computers.co.uk/tickets/ and get started.


We have family, we will be taking time off at Christmas, we hope you enjoy your festivities, if something break… text for advice 07798 631 261