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The Dynamode Sound2 is ideal for Business Users, Students, Gamers and anyone looking to use existing audio technology but without the hassle of investing and installing costly and time consuming audio cards or buying expensive new USB audio systems.

    Key Features:

    Replaces the need for a traditional Sound Card
    Plug n Play USB interface ? installs in seconds
    Transform analogue sound to digital signal
    3D sound with 5.1 sound track support
    Built-in digital Class B amplifier
    Compact and stylish design ? ideal for Notebooks
    Ideal for Games, DVD entertainment and businesses

    1x 3.5mm audio Jack
    1x 3.5mm microphone Jack

    Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP,Vista, 7, 8 and MAC OS 8.6+

    51 grams

More Information
Do you have a Notebook, Netbook or Desktop PC and need to connect your existing Stereo Speakers or Headset and Microphone but do not have the common 3.5mm Phono Jacks available? The USB-SOUNDCARD2.0 from Dynamode is the ideal solution. Small and compact, the Plug n? Play USB adapter simply plugs into any available USB Port on the Computer and allows immediate connection of Speakers, Headphones and/or Microphone into the standard 3.5mm Phono jacks located at the rear of the adapter. Fully colour coded so you get it right first time!

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