Energenie Mi|Home Smart Plug with Home Energy Monitor Feature



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This product requires the Mi|Home gateway SHENE-MIHO001 to function

Product Description
This Monitor adapter allows you to monitor the power being used by an attached device.
The Mi|Home monitor adapter sends energy data information back to the App. This allows you to monitor how much energy each device is using and also track it over time.

The Monitor adapter cannnot be switched by the app and only transmits information.

Technical information:
– Product code: MIHO004
– Maximum load: 3000W
– Maximum current: 13A
– Voltage range: 230-250V 50Hz ac
– Plug and socket: BS 5733 and the relevant clauses of BS 1363
– Transmission Frequency: 434.300 MHz
– Protocol: OpenThings (16663DOC14)
– Plug adapter housing in UK format to BS1363
– Location: Indoor use only

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